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Sales Manager

If you have experience making deals of different sizes and levels of complexity, Startupz is looking for someone with your skillset.
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Job description


We are looking for a Sales Coach who can help one of our startups grow by coaching our junior sales team. If you like working in a fast-paced environment where you can really add value, this is the job for you!Tolq works with international brands like, MediaMarkt, Porsche and many others to power their international sales and marketing with our state-of-the-art localisation platform.

We are accepting applications for the next two months and we fill the open position as soon as we’ve found the right candidate.

About the Position

Sales Coach

You will lead the team of junior sales people who will explain the advantages of using our SaaS (Software as a Service) translation platform internationally. Since there are many advantages and innovations in our platform that usually means smooth selling.

You'll work with sales in many countries that are active in the e-commerce space. You’ll figure out how to help them best, and make deals that support their success.With a team of (max. 25) international sales people, you should be able to conquer the world with our solution quickly!

These are the most important aspects you’ll be working on:

  • Working with an international junior sales team to boost our sales internationally
  • Advising on sales techniques and assisting and coaching the team
  • Checking and helping with setting up drip emails for different target groups
  • Guiding and assisting with giving online demo’s

About Tolq

Tolq wants to eliminate language borders and to do that we’ve built a lot of technology that makes it easier for companies to translate their content. Our clients range from MediaMarkt to Belvilla and many others.

We have our HQ in The Hague in The Netherlands and also some people working remotely.

We have an open ‘startup-like’ mentality and are a software company from origin.

What else can you expect from us?

  • Enthusiastic and fun colleagues
  • Startup mentality and possibilities
  • Friday afternoon drinks and/or (theme)parties(when Covid allows)

You can expect a mindful onboarding process with ramp-up and time to learn. You can expect a team that listens, and to be heard. You can expect to give and provide direct feedback. You can expect to be counted on. You can expect to do your best work and build a career here.

We build our apps, our teams, and our company for the long haul, with a strong eye to other teams’ effectiveness & happiness, from design to support and operations. A healthy, resilient app starts with a healthy, resilient organization.


About You

We are looking for someone who is ready for this challenge with a getting things done work spirit.


  • You have excellent verbal & written communication skills
  • You are comfortable to adapt and multitask in a fast-paced environment
  • Your command of modern web tools like Google Docs and comparable systems is great
  • You are driven, enthusiastic and have a sense of humour


  • You may have experience in sales and giving online demo's
  • You may have experience making deals of different sizes and levels of complexity
  • You may have experience in working with people from a broad range of companies in different sizes and from different industries

How to Apply

Please send an application that speaks directly to how you would like to fill this position. There are no right answers or expectations. Show us your role in Tolq’s future and our role in yours. Address some of the work we do. Introduce yourself as a colleague. Feel free to respond in either Dutch or English.

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