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Rust Developer

Collabora intends to hire a new Rust Developer. If you have BS/BA or experience in the role of Engineer, consider applying.
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Are you looking for a job as a Rust developer advocate to promote and develop with the programming language within Open-Source projects?

The Rust programming language is increasingly gaining momentum and we, at Collabora, share the vision that it is going to have a bright future, with adoption across different OSS projects including but not limited to Operating Systems, GStreamer, the Linux Kernel and more.

As a result, we are looking for a Rust developer advocate who will help us shaping a strategy, growing its usage within the company across different SW components and layers, identifying and documenting the best practices, and the last but not the least helping our clients building safe, reliable and efficient Rust-enabled products.

Key responsibilites

  • Internally disseminate the knowledge and the expertise about the Rust programming language
  • Train the other Collaborans on Rust and help them adopting it for their respective projects whenever that makes sense
  • Shape a compelling strategy around Rust which would provide added value to our clients projects and open-source projects we are currently focusing on
  • Help connecting the engineering organization with the Rust ecosystem at large
  • Contribute publicly to open source Rust-based projects to ensure Collabora's continuing technical leadership
  • Discuss with and promote Rust-based solutions to our clients and represent Collabora at conferences and trade shows to demonstrate and promote our leadership in the open source arena
  • Gain working knowledge of customers’ products, applications, technical and business strengths and target markets

Required skills

  • Proficient in Rust and familiar with writing low and high-level code
  • Knowledge of open source development methodologies and relevant open source communities
  • Being passionate about helping other developers
  • Good English language skills (both verbal and written)
  • Ability to work and communicate in an online fully distributed environment
  • Strong collaboration and listening skills, able to solicit honest feedback early and often

Desired skills

  • Self learning skill to get sufficient knowledge of Collabora's services, business model, project delivery life cycle and other related technical domains
  • BS/BA or experience in the role of Engineer

Collabora is a software consultancy specializing in bringing companies and the Open Source community together. We combine years of Open Source software leadership with an understanding of the challenges that businesses, non-profits, and governments face. Collabora brings deep technical expertise in system integration & architecture, graphics, multimedia, web engines and communications to a number of market verticals, including mobile, IVI / automotive, set top box / smart TV, and a range of other specialized embedded applications.

Collabora has the unique business model of enabling enterprises to leverage Open Source software in their solutions. Having worked with notable industry leading companies in the automotive, aerospace and handset mobile verticals amongst many others, Collabora has established a broad customer portfolio.

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