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Hello, world!Welcome to the role standing at the intersection between Product, Commercial, and Marketing.If you are curious and interested in these areas and more, if you enjoy breaking down problems and understanding impact, if you are a natural communicator but also fond of structure then keep on reading!

Pleo is looking for an International Product Manager.If your ambition is to be a "regular" PM with an engineering team this might not be precisely what you are looking for. In this role, you would be part of something bigger instead. We call them country teams, kind of like being a member of the Avengers or the Fellowship of the Ring (are Lord of the Rings references old yet?)

Working with the country teams 🌎We’re essentially looking for someone who would be able to educate central product teams on market findings but at the same time educate the country team on the product and how it’s best positioned and used in each market.Part of your work will be prioritizing the right problems to solve. But make no mistake thinking this is a user research focused role. While that is an important part, there’s more to it. You’ll be working with Country Managers to position the product in the market and make sure Sales and CX have the best possible story to bring value to our customers. You’ll also be working closely with Product, diving deep into local rules & regulations, and getting insights from local partners.Don’t think this is a junior role. It’s also how all that ties to the future vision and a long term plan. Developing next steps and driving product development, shaping the strategy and vision, and ultimately helping us to build the org in a way that makes...sense.You will be responsible to foster an environment, where decisions are supported by clear analysis and accurate data, understanding the constraints and the room for improvement and innovation. You will also be contributing to the overall Pleo strategy, defining and shaping our part of our journey to the stars.The role is fascinating, but it also demands bravery and experience. You'll need courage in your convictions, and the vision to see beyond the next sprint and the complexity it brings into the bigger picture: to change the way we all work today. To be excited about customer discovery and in-depth research but also the ability to work with many different stakeholders. This relationship-building aspect is also an important part of the role.You’re systematic and can navigate between short and long-term goals in a seemingly effortless balance. But you’re not just brains, you need to have a heart for this role. You need to be empathetic not only to your people, our people but also to our users. This is what enables your entrepreneurial spirit to pursue solutions that are things should be.You have worked with other markets before, and have a good understanding and relevant experience in product management and partnerships handling as well as a solid product education and experience.You are a strong communicator which ties it all together. You have the ability to not only set and drive a clear strategy for a key-space in the company but also make that vision easily understandable to our teams and stakeholders.And then some analytics - you have to be able to develop and analyze local product metrics (with the support of central teams) to help inform how the product is performing on a local level.

Who are we?

We are a Danish fintech startup - well, not that much of a startup anymore, but our values are deeply and strongly shaped around that. That being said, we believe in flat hierarchy and bottom-up decision making: from being around our offices, to the team meetings and our vocal slack community, working with us you will find a place where every voice is heard, where people spar their ideas and are not afraid to ask questions and improve themselves and others. We listen to each other and adapt accordingly.

More about our team

We are excited about inter-department collaborations, extracting insights from numerous data sources, planning ahead, and making sure we are standing on solid foundations as we scale. At the same time, we don’t forget that we are humans. We spend time having fun in random slack channels and allow ourselves to have the space for creativity, this allows us to enjoy what we do.

You will be working with a team of amazing people whose expertise revolve around Product, Software Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and other fields.

By “we”, we’re not only talking about internal Pleo. It’s a “we” from local partnerships with e.g. consultants and accountants to ensure access to required expertise all the way to customers and potential customers, helping them understand how to improve the offering.We are on one hell of a journey - our growth will either terrify or delight you. We're looking for someone who not only delights but who is also inspired and energized by this type of challenge!

What we do

Pleo focuses on making business spending seamless. Our angle to do this is through company spending; we’ve built a product that gives trust and autonomy to all employees: everyone gets a company card and spends company money responsibly. No expense reports. No time wasted. Decentralization of decision making. Delegation through ownership. That's our focus. We can't be hypocrites with a product doing one thing and then internally doing another: so the future workplace permeates through the way we work. We certainly aren't perfect, and we're not striving for perfection. Instead, we're striving to be pioneers: we want our product to change workspaces, and so our own workspace is a place of constant change.

The hard skills needed

  • Being a visionary Senior Product leader who loves entrepreneurship
  • Great at customer interviews
  • You can turn insights into compelling stories that gets people’s buy-in across product and commercial teams
  • Data analysis
  • Communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge of accounting & the Pleo product
  • Speaking some of the local languages (Danish, Swedish, German, or Spanish)
  • Good project management skills
  • A positive can-do attitude

How you’ll know you’re successful

  • Product-market fit in your country (proxies could be conversion rate and its growth, NPS, churn, review scores)
  • % of outstanding customer problems that are either validated or invalidated (should be low, because you know the ins and outs!)
  • You and the country manager have the same understanding of PMF in a market
  • Quality of priority recommendations (are your OKR suggestions indeed driving the intended change?)
  • Decrease in number of unexpected requests to the product team coming in during the quarter (because you were way ahead of them!).
  • Commercial success of the product on the market.

What others say about you:

  • You are entrepreneurial - and have a lot of light bulb moments 💡
  • Challenge the status quo, and give good arguments why
  • Always get things done no matter what
  • Can't stop talking about product and fintech trend
  • Listen to feedback but are strong enough to drive your own vision
  • Speak more than 2 languages
  • Work in English with ease (it's our company language)
  • Continuous learner, systematic
  • Empathetic of people and stakeholders
  • Are a person they would also enjoy having a coffee with (virtual or not)

Show me the benefits!

  • Your own Pleo card (no more out-of-pocket spending)
  • Flexible working remote options for those onsite (just speak to your team)
  • Quarterly trips to somewhere for team camps (both company-wide ones and team-specific ones).
  • Investment in learning & developing (just check with your team for what's reasonable, we don't have set budgets)

And here are some other nice gestures that we do

  • Catered lunch in our HQ and London offices when you're here
  • 25 days holidays (annual)
  • Loads of weird and wonderful niche communities to join in the company (we're talking guerrilla gardening, liquids tasting, the Pleo band, learning to code initiatives, beer brewing, skiing, Pleo dinners, that type of thing)
  • Wild enthusiasm and encouragement from us if you want to host MeetUps, events, etc - we'll help (venue, food, etc)discounts with specific vendors

The reason most of us work at Pleo is that we want to change the workplace of today. We are motivated by companies trusting with us and giving us the autonomy to work in the best way for us - and for the company.Pleo solves today's company spending problem. We empower companies with an app that links up to pre-paid cards. Every person gets a card, and is trusted with spending company money. After all, if you're trusted enough to be hired, you should be trusted enough with spending money responsibly.Being HQ'd out of Copenhagen means we're inspired by sensible things like a good work-life balance. If you don't work in one of our offices with us we'll help you get up the best remote setup possible, and will fly you in once a quarter for team camps.

Sometimes, we want to show some cool things happening here at Pleo 👇

A sneak peek into what happens when getting together for Pleo Team Camp: this one is from Berlin - June We also won some cool awards this past year

What am I in for?

If you want to know how we hire, company-wide, here's how we do it:

That’s it! Still excited? Even more excited?! Feel free to apply below ;)

PS. we treat all candidates equally: If you are interested please apply through our application system - any correspondence should come from there! Our lovely support isn't able to pass on any calls/ emails our way - and this makes sure that the candidate experience is smooth and fair to everyone :)

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