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Product Engineer

Able is searching for a product engineer that has 8+ years of professional experience working as a software engineer.
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We are Able, a company building products through a portfolio model, and we are looking for a Product Engineer who feels comfortable mixing both product development and engineering skills.

Do you enjoy the thrill of engaging in the product development process, bringing your technical mindset to build complex full-stack solutions? Would you like to create products for several industries, following our thesis of impacting the world to make it a better place for all?

Able may be the place you’ve been longing for. The one where creative and innovative projects meet with good-willing and passionate teams — plus many other perks to boot that we can offer.

Who are we looking for?

We seek someone who feels comfortable engaging in product development discussions, bringing your technical expertise, and proposing solutions during client’s conversations. Someone who also possesses deep insights on full-stack development (bonus points if experienced with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript/React).

Specifically, someone who’d be interested in:

  • Gaining and sharing Product & Domain knowledge. Understanding the complexities of the market and the business domain of your project; figuring out how to better serve your users and customers, understanding their different needs as well as helping them explore the best avenues to achieving their missions.
  • Engaging in client meetings, owning and enriching technical discussions, ensuring the proposed solutions’ feasibility, delivering proofs of concept, offering alternatives considering Engineering and Product tradeoffs, offering high-level estimates, and communicating clearly, with different levels of technicality.
  • Supporting the definition and clarification of requirements to ensure alignment.
  • Building high-performing, secure, robust, scalable, and maintainable full-stack applications using Ruby and Rails, mixing React with a dash of HTML5 and CSS3, while keeping a testing mindset to ensure top-notch quality.

We want to work with the kind of people who have a passion for collaborating while solving problems, challenging, and nurturing relationships with their teams. The kind that is open about their shortcomings and what they do not know now, and remains eager to do whatever they need to close those gaps. Ideally, they would also have:

  • Experience as a Technical Leader in roles such as Technical Lead, Solutions Architect, or even CTO.
  • Experience working in Startup or Enterprise environments
  • Experience scaling teams and Products
  • Experience contributing to open-source projects
  • Experience speaking or organizing Technology events
  • Experience volunteering and mentoring others
  • About 8+ years of professional experience working as a software engineer (or equivalent, we are flexible)
  • Thorough and up-to-date knowledge of our stack (Ruby on  Rails, JavaScript, and React).
  • A fair understanding of MVC architectures, as well as how to use databases and data stores such as PostgreSQL and Redis.
  • Experience building modern, responsive and interactive web applications.
  • Professional proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Availability: This position is 100% remote. We are looking for talent who can commit to at least 6 hours of overlap with our main team’s office working hours in Lima-Perú (From 09:00 am to 06:00 pm GMT-5)

Don’t think you are quite there? That’s fine too. Let’s talk and get to know you and your talents!

Why would you love to work for Able?

We believe that people, teams, and well-thought processes are more important than the ideas themselves, and we’re keen on bringing great people together while investing in their growth.

Our teams have built products in various industries, from media to finance to toys to healthcare. Sometimes we will work with management teams to help their businesses grow faster or unlock value using technology. Other times, we start or buy businesses outright. Each time, though, we will look for opportunities to leverage technology built at the portfolio-level to drive value faster and grow as a group.

And we like to put our money where our mouth is, offering great benefits to ensure you have the best experience working with us:

  • Flexible work hours and locations
  • Competitive salaries
  • English classes
  • Benefit reimbursements
  • Annual reevaluation of base compensation
  • Annual variable compensation based on individual and company performance

We know that a diverse team brings extraordinary success, and we have created a work environment geared towards work and life balance as well as happiness. Able is committed to inclusion and diversity and is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

This is but the beginning of a conversation we’d love to have with you.

Apply, and let’s get this adventure started!

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