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Product Designer

Plural AI is looking for a Product Designer that has experience in: #ui/ux, #branding, #office.
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Job description

Plural makes it easier for finance professionals to understand data and find and share new insights. We convert large amounts of data (like spreadsheets) into a single knowledge graph. The primary way that users derive value from our product is by interacting andvisualising their data in new ways, from which they can identify and share insights.Over time we plan this to be a tool that can be used by any knowledge professional working with data.

We foresee two major design challenges:

  1. Ensure that the interface or the UX do not get in the way of our user getting value from our product
  2. Design novel data visualisations that allow our users to see data from different perspectives so they can discover new insights that can be easily shared

Specific challenges for our audience:

  • We're introducing a brand new workflow to users with ingrained work practices
  • We're competing with well-established (if outdated) workflows in products like Excel
  • The UX contains interactions with complex and unfamiliar visualisations such as knowledge graphs, which may not be intuitive to the user to use
  • There's a lot of clever AI work that goes on in the background and we want to ensure our interface gets the most value out of it without adding complication to the workflow

Information visualisations we love:

Products we're inspired by:

Job requirements

The role

You will be working with our product lead to:

  • Remove interaction and interface barriers that may prevent our users from getting maximum value out of our new product
  • Improve and extend our existing visual style and make it your own
  • Produce mockups, prototypes and design assets to communicate the UI and UX of our product to our development team, users and potential customers


  • Build on top of existing mockup prototypes
  • Review front-end development work to ensure it meets design standards
  • Create sketches, mockups, prototypes, animations, design assets, and user journeys to support all of the above
  • Participate in user interviews with product lead to understand customer needs
  • Review and improve existing customer journey with product lead
  • Extend existing component library
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