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Principle Backend Engineer

If you are an expert with TypeScript and/or Python, Cazana has a job opening for a Principle Backend Engineer
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Job description

About you

You are an experienced andaccomplished backend software engineer and you are looking for a new challenge. Somewhere you can actually add value rather than being another cog in the wheel.We have a great engineering team who are looking for someone with your seniority and skillset to help us achieve our goals.

You love data and love working with data on a daily basis. Our products are all based around data, and we are using the latest and greatest tech to change our industry for the better. We are evolving our tech all of the time and you want to be an influence of that. You have strong opinions on what good tech looks like and you want to be heard. We are listening.

Whilst you are experienced and at a senior or principallevel in your current or most recent position, you want to grow and understand that there is no ceiling. You want to give your experience and knowledge to something special and be part of its journey but you also want to grow and develop into a better engineer than you are now. You want to work with great people and be mentored by a leadership team thatyou can actually respect and learn from.

You are enthusiastic and resourceful whilst being passionate about building great products, who loves being part of a team whilst enjoying the autonomous nature of working remotely.

About the role

We are looking for a Backend Engineer at a senior or principal level to bring their wealth of experience to our team to assist us in reaching our goals, during our most exciting period of growth. On a daily basis, you will perform data-related tasks, so strongdatabase/SQL experience is required for this position.

Our two primary languages are Python and TypeScript. If your focus and expertise is with Python then a large part of your role will be around data engineering, processingdata, and moving data around into efficient solutions. You will also work on custom projects whilst building various different things. For this, we would expect strong data skills, ideally with PostgreSQL.

If your focus and expertise is with TypeScript then you will largely be working with our SaaS tools. You will be responsible for the architecture, and the backend of these tools. You will help make them fast and reliable.

Our Engineering Leadership teams mission, which we hope you can be a part of, is to have all of our engineers skilled and trained up on both TypeScript and Python. If you are well-versedin both, then fantastic, we want to speak with you! If you are strong in one or the other then, again, you are someone we would like to speak to.

About us

Using big data and predictive analytics, Cazana analyses millions of automotive transactions daily to assess the value and risk associated with every vehicle on the road, enabling more accurate valuation and pricing in vehicle purchasing and insuring. We aim to make the car market (across all its service lines) fairer through a wholesale modernisation in its approach to pricing.

Founded in 2013, we are disrupting an industry which has typically been associated with mistrust due to the lack of accurate data. We use innovative AI and data-science driven modelling in a sector that can feel dated and we have developed the industry’s first real-time retail-driven valuations. Our systems are used by insurers, dealerships, finance companies and manufacturers globally.

Our mission is to set the world standard in automotive data. We create a fairer market for all by embedding unique data and accurate insight into automotive businesses globally:

  • Fairer to insurers: Avoid fraud. Price every policy correctly
  • Fairer to policyholders: Pay the right premium. Have claims settled fairly and fast.
  • Fairer to the planet: Make electric vehicles and new fuel types accessible to all with accurate future values enabling finance and subscription business models
  • Fairer to lenders: Lend based on fact, not anecdotes to reduce risk.
  • Fairer to dealers: Stock the right vehicles. Achieve a fair price for them all.

Our Tech Stack

Languages:Python, TypeScript

Infrastructure:ECS, RDS (PostgreSQL), Terraform, Elasticache (Elasticsearch and Redis), DynamoDB, S3API Gateway:KongMonitoring/Metrics:DataDog

What do you get (remuneration & benefits)?

  • Competitive base salary (disclosed at first stage screening)
  • All the equipment you need to get the job done
  • The ability to work where and when you want in order to get the job done (remote and flexible working welcome)
  • A central London office and meeting space to use when you need it
  • Access to free counselling, therapy and mental health support viaSpill
  • Access to free personal/ professional coaching via a trained internal coach
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • 25 days holiday, all bank holidays off and any period of closure over Christmas also paid.
  • Learning and training supported
  • Ability to make your mark on a fast-growing start-up that is disrupting a huge (£34Bn annual) industry.

Job requirements

The skills, attributes and experience you must have:

  • Strong data skills
  • Expert with TypeScript (ideally building B2B SaaS tools, experience creating APIs and AWS knowledge, asynchronous programming)
  • and/or an expert with Python (data engineering, APIs, data pipelines, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, asynchronous programming)

Skills, attributes and experience it would be nice for you to have:

  • Degree in Computer Science
  • Experience working withSME's
  • Experience working within a company that worked with Machine Learning / Data Science

Our application process

After reviewing your profile we will send you an email with our coding task attached for to complete. After review of the coding task, you will be invited to a video call with our Director of Engineering and a member of the team for atechnical interview. After this, we will decide on making you an offer!

The average hiring time for software engineers in the UK has been estimated at 55 days. We just hired our Engineering Manager in less than 42 days! (and this was during the Christmas period)We don't wait around.Do not miss out on this opportunity.Apply today!

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