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Principal Backend TypeScript Engineer

To apply as a Principal Backend Typescript engineer at 11sigma, you preferably need to have 10+ years of experience in professional software development.
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Hi! My name is Chris, I’m the CEO of 11Sigma, and I’d like to invite you to join our team.

We started 11Sigma in 2018 with a vision of a world of opportunities and the freedom enabled by remote work.

We believe that remote work is a lifestyle, it’s about the culture, values, and mindset, not a “corporate benefit” or a “post-COVID reality”.

Our three values: explore, be free, and contribute define who we are, and what we do.

Our dream is to build a company open to everyone, which supports you in experiencing an exciting, fulfilling life.

11Sigma is about exploring. Both literal, as in a journey, as well as open-mindedness, self-growth, and curiosity of life and at work.

We are software engineers, travelers, digital nomads, caring parents, adventurers. We are internally-motivated problem solvers and contributors.

To us, life is an adventure, and the world is incredibly interesting. We are hungry to learn new things and explore our potential.

To find exciting work and open amazing opportunities we partner with tech startups that build incredible products and provide a healthy work-life balance.

If the above resonates with you, please read on.

Job Description

You will join the 11Sigma crew at Briza, our partner, series-A startup from Canada, recently raised $8M and is growing rapidly. You'll be working with 11Sigma and Briza engineers on creating a one-stop-shop product integrating multiple insurance carriers into a hustle-free service.

The challenge is to find effective ways to integrate APIs from insurance companies that often use slightly different language to describe similar things. That means the job requires excellent technical, analytical, and English skills. You will need to quickly understand domain-specific language and apply your knowledge to integrate new carriers as well as suggest and lead ways to optimize the process. As you may imagine, we are technically solving a complex classification problem in an industry that is waiting to be disrupted.

The product we are working on is revolutionizing the insurance market allowing brokers to get insurance offers from multiple carriers and purchase them directly through Briza app. We deliver value to small business owners that can finally get insurance tailored to their needs in a matter of minutes, not weeks!

Besides our web app, we also provide a developer API.

Personal Qualities

  • Internally motivated
  • Driven / passionate
  • Curious / problem solver
  • Self-reliant
  • Great people skills
  • Take ownership and drive innovation
  • Open-minded
  • Self-starter
  • Team-oriented and supportive

Skills & Experience


  • TypeScript proficiency
  • 10+ years of experience in professional software development
  • Experience in building widely-consumed REST-based API platforms using Node.js / Typescript / similar programming languages
  • The ability to research and communicate your ideas in software design and architecture discussions
  • AWS experience
  • Experience in writing unit tests (we use Jest)
  • Exceptional English
  • Your primary location is in one of the following timezones: GMT-5, GMT-4, GMT-3, GMT-1, GMT, GMT+1, GMT+2

Nice To Have

  • Experience in writing automated tests (unit, integration) and strive to always do so
  • A knack for data modeling
  • Experience with functional programming
  • Prior C# or Go experience
  • Prior experience with insurance tech or fintech
  • Prior leadership experience
  • Prior fast-growth startup experience

Optional But Amazing

  • Conference talks experience
  • Blog author
  • OpenSource contributions

Key Responsibilities

  • Research, analyze and integrate third-party insurance carrier APIs.
  • Integrating some of the third-party APIs may require some reverse-engineering and thorough investigation.
  • Design, build and maintain an API platform, services, and systems with fellow product designers and developers.
  • Debug production issues across services and multiple levels of the stack.
  • Lead innovation and suggest improvements to our API integration processes as well as company-wide improvements.
  • Help onboarding new engineers.
  • Improve our engineering standards, tooling, and processes.
  • Communicate with stakeholders, team members, and third-party providers to clarify.

Our technology stack

  • API: Node.js + TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • UI: Vue.js
  • Cloud infrastructure: AWS (Fargate, RDS, ElasticCache) through Terraform.
  • CI: Github Actions
  • CD: AWS CodeBuild & Codepipeline

Salary & Perks

24000 - 31000 PLN + VAT (B2B, per month, billed hourly)


  • Explorer budget (annual budget for travel and adventure)
  • 10x-self budget (annual budget for home-office equipment, learning)
  • Epic retreats around the world
  • Dedicated self-growth mentor
  • Conferences around Europe
  • 100% remote company - live and work wherever you wish
  • Bonus 8h a month for 11Sigma growth-related agenda (contributing to 11Sigma blog, podcast, YT channel, etc)* Fully reimbursed Clifton Strengths Assessment to learn about your strengths
  • Paid 15 days off
  • Paid all public polish holidays

Feel free to read more about our company at https://11sigma.com.

About Briza

Briza is modernizing and transforming the commercial insurance industry. Our developer-friendly, API-first platform powers delightful business user experiences by efficiently gathering key information, generating multiple quotes, delivering insurance policies, and collecting payment in minutes. What once took days or weeks can now be completed and “off the to-do list” in just minutes.

Briza is a Series A funded venture, based in Toronto Canada, with a talented international team of 24 and growing quickly.

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