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Full-Stack Lead Engineer

If you have experience working with company leadership and other stakeholders e.g. to set goals and priorities, Plural AI is looking for someone with your knowledge.
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Job description

Plural AI is solving the problem of knowledge management and research for complex use cases. Like Airtable, Roam, Notion, and other next-gen productivity tools, we build apps with modern UI that let users visualise and explore their data interactively. That data is currently spread across thousands of documents, so we merge it into a single knowledge base that end-users can effortlessly explore, visualise, and gain insights from, all without requiring any skills in data science or programming.

You'll join our main product team as one of two senior engineers leading, innovating, architecting, and implementing the first release of a new product.Within the team you'll also be the go-to person for front-end and visualisation, acting as Front-end Lead.

Over the next 12 months, this role can grow in several different directions - it will be up to you to help shape that growth and decide how you want your role to change. We expect to have a significant dedicated Visualisation team (consisting mostly of front-end engineers), and a dedicated Product team (based on the current product team) - and you'll have the opportunity to become a lead for either one.

Primary responsibilities

  • Work with the Product Lead and other engineers to create inventive solutions to product problems
  • Work with the CTO and other engineers to plan and adapt the tech architecture
  • Build the main product (React + Node.js) product, working closely with the product and design functions
  • Design and develop solutions for visualising and interacting with graph-based data
  • Work with graph data at scale (back-end/Neo4j), and visualise it at high performance on the front-end (React)

Tech stack


  • React + Typescript
  • Node.js + Python
  • Postgres (relational) + Neo4j (graph)
  • AWS (mainly ECS with lambda)

Flexible / future:

  • Elasticsearch
  • CircleCI
  • Golang

In addition to a relevant background in software engineering, you will likely also have experience:

  • Leading software engineering teams, in a start-up environment.
  • Using best practices in agile delivery management (e.g. Scrum) and quality assurance (e.g. test driven development).
  • Operating in a product-oriented environment, working closely with a product management team outside of your organisation.
  • Working closely with senior technical and non-technical team members.
  • Experience managing and optimising cloud infrastructure costs and resources.

Job requirements

  • 5y+ experience in a directly relevant / similar senior role
  • Experience leading a team on end-to-end projects in Scrum/Agile environment
  • Experience working with company leadership and other stakeholders e.g. to set goals and priorities
  • Strong communication and English skills
  • Commercially aware and product-minded
  • Experience with Python and JavaScript (React)
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