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Head of Marketing

If you have prior experience building and leading teams, ChartMogul is looking for someone with your knowledge.
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Job description

ChartMogul's Subscription Data and Analytics Platform helps digital subscription businesses measure, understand, and grow their recurring revenues.

One of our team's corevalues is Excellence; we aim to be known for exceptional qualityin all areas of our work, and marketing is no exception. We're looking for a leader who is technical, creative and can inspire, lead, and nurture a team of great marketers.

Why this is an awesome opportunity

ChartMogul is a fast-growing SaaS business, with an industry leading product, number one market position, and incredible list of customers. Our primary buyers are often founders, CEOs, CPOs, or other senior leaders – it's great fun when your customers are so passionate about their workand how ChartMogul can sit at the center of their world.

ChartMogul is also fairly well established as startups go, we've been around for over six years and are a team of ~45 people. However, the marketing department is still small and underdeveloped, but it's an area we're keen to invest in throughout 2021 and beyond. So this is a great opportunity for someone to come in and really build out the marketing team how they believe it should be done right.

What will you do?

  • Build and lead a team of highly skilled, technical, creative and ambitious marketing professionals.
  • Become a key pillar of the leadership team.
  • Oversee all areas of marketing: Product Marketing, Content, SEO, Performance (SEM, Retargeting, etc), ABM, field/events, partner marketing, marketing operations, data/analytics, copywriting, PR, lifecycle marketing, pricing and packaging,etc.

    • We aren'tdoing all of these things yet, e.g. PR isn't something we do currently.
  • Ensure that every interaction someone has with our company/brandis on message, meets our very high standards, and leaves them with a positive impression.
  • Develop and execute a marketing strategy that embraces both qualitative and quantitative initiatives.


What we're looking for?

  • Technical – We pride ourselves on the ease of use of our UI, we are however building and marketing more and more features for data teams –and therefore a level of understanding about how SaaS software is put together is needed.
  • Creative – You have a track record of coming up with new and original ideas that were impactful and generated increased demand (and leads).
  • Writing – You can write very well and appreciate great copy when you see it.
  • Leadership – You lead by example and inspire those around you. You haveprior experience building and leading teams.
  • You have abroad knowledge of B2B marketing tactics and disciplines - SEM, SEO, ABM, marketing automation, product marketing, content, field, marketing ops, analytics, social, lifecycle marketing, audience building, copywriting, etc.

    • While you don't need to be an expert in all of these areas, you should have sufficient understanding to recruit and work with experts in these fields.
  • You have a track record inand are passionate aboutworking in the software industry.
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