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Full Stack Software Developer

If you have experience developing and deploying applications with Docker, Collabora is looking for someone with your skillset.
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Collabora is looking for a Software/DevOps Engineer to join our DevOps team. Working with a diverse set of stakeholders (including Engineering, Delivery, Sysadmin, People Operations, Finance and Sales/Marketing) you will focus on developing, improving, and maintaining our internal applications and integrations. You will be knowledgable in devops and modern software development, augmenting the expertise of the team around you. You will be working closely with your colleagues in the DevOps and infrastructure teams to ensure the tools are being deployed securely and working efficiently.

Who are we?

Our raison d’être is to accelerate the adoption of Open Source technologies, methodologies & philosophy. We strive towards this goal by providing consulting services specialized in bringing companies and the Open Source community together. Being part of the Open Source community, we believe in a world of shared knowledge and collaboration for the advancement of humanity and we are always enthusiastic about sharing, teaching and learning with everyone around us.

Our highly technical and talented team, distributed across 25+ geographies all over the world, brings deep technical expertise in system integration & architecture, linux kernel, graphics, multimedia, web engines and communications to a number of market verticals, including mobile, IVI / automotive, set top box / smart TV, and a range of other specialized embedded applications (low-latency audio/video, audio/video streaming solutions, audio/video editing...).

What can you expect to work on ?

Collabora naturally uses Open Source software within its business processes. Some of our tools are developed in-house and others are customised from open source projects to suit our use cases. Examples of the tools that we use include: GitLab (with GitLab CI), Docker, Grafana, SuiteCRM, Phabricator, OTRS, Hugo, Chef, and an in-house developed Django application, among others.

You will be working and liaising with the infrastructure team to ensure adequate deployment processes and optimal configuration as well as assisting the DevOps team tech lead in designing and improving tools architecture, security, integration and managing technical debt. You will be working with other teams within the company to understand their needs through iterating and improving our tools.

Must Haves

  • Relevant experience in Python
  • Relevant experience designing and developing web applications
  • Experience developing and deploying applications with Docker
  • Sound and demonstrable understanding of programming and system and database administration concepts
  • Sound and demonstrable understanding of modern service deployment models and techniques
  • Experience analysing and improving data models to improve performance and functionality
  • Demonstrable experience developing new features and solutions to connect internal and external applications
  • Experience designing and developing REST APIs

Great to Haves

  • Knowledge of open source development methodologies
  • Experience with schema design, data processing, and SQL query profiling
  • Experience with relational databases and preferably, some NoSQL databases like MongoDB and InfluxDB
  • Contributions to relevant open source projects
  • Skills in other modern languages (Go / Rust / Ruby / PHP) as well as frameworks such as Ruby on rails.
  • Familiarity with Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
  • Familiarity with GitLab CI is preferred but not essential.
  • Experience gathering requirements, managing small projects and talking with end users

Desired Personal Skills

  • Self-motivated
  • Self-learner
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good English proficiency (both verbal and written)
  • Ability to work in an online distributed environment
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