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Full-Stack Engineer

If you have 3 years of professional experience in Web Development, Demodesk is looking for someone with your skillset.
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Your Mission

As a member of our “assistant” team, you will be working on the sales assistant features of our product. These features are the biggest driver of our value proposition and require both frontend and backend skills to bring to life. After being fully onboarded into our team, you will be majorly involved in the redesign of our platform, as well as improving the integration to products such as Salesforce or HubSpot. You will be able to define the technical requirements for different product features and integrate them into our existing solution.

Current tech stack

  • Frontend: Vue.js, Webpack, SCSS, Pug
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, Redis
  • Microservices: Ruby, Node.js
  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud, AWS, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform
  • Monitoring: ELK, Loki, Grafana
  • Fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code quality, testing, and deploying


  • Implement a performant and beautiful frontend: You are responsible for the implementation of the redesign of our assistance features. This includes playbooks, notes, and forms our customers use during their sales calls.
  • Setup frontend testing infrastructure: You bring your experience in front-end development to the table by setting up and improving our current frontend testing workflow.
  • Develop within all parts of the stack: Your job will focus on the frontend in the beginning but end up in a 40/60 split between frontend and backend.
  • Write beautiful code: You document well and see the importance of testing. Due to your previous experience, you are able to break down tasks and execute them in an efficient way.
  • Constant learning: You are excited by technical challenges and are always on the lookout for new technologies. With your curiosity, you are always searching for the best technology for each use case and pick up new languages and frameworks fast.
  • You help anyone in the team succeed: You make effective and successful work possible by clear and honest communication in order to develop a shared understanding of the long-term vision and immediate next actions. When you don’t fully understand something, you ask lots of questions and use the opportunity to learn and grow.

Your Profile

  • ~3 years of professional experience in Web Development
  • Experience in working with at least one backend framework (ideally Ruby on Rails, a Python or Node.js framework also suffices)
  • Experience in developing performant user interfaces – ideally in vue.js but if you are an experienced react.js developer we trust that you will pick up vue.js fast
  • Strong fundamentals in a dynamic language like Ruby or Python
  • Experience working on commercial software products
  • Experience working on a product with a high number of users
  • Desire for high code quality and system security through automation, unit testing, and structured code reviews

Why us

  • Well-funded and backed by Silicon Valley's top investors & angels, including Y Combinator
  • Fast-growing, diverse and international team of tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs
  • Unique proprietary screen sharing technology using a state of the art tech stack
  • Full responsibility from day one and being part of our hierarchy-free and results-driven working environment
  • Competitive salary plus attractive stock compensation package
  • Flexible working hours and annual travel allowance for working remotely
  • Attractive perks including gym memberships, German language course, top of the line MacBook or Linux machine, and a professional development budget of 1.500 € per year
  • Regular team events like dinners, Oktoberfest, ski trips and much more

About us

Demodesk is building the world's first intelligent online meeting platform with the vision to enable anyone to have great customer conversations. Web conferencing tools that are being used today are purely functional. They hardly offer anything beyond video calling and local desktop sharing.

In a time where almost all companies build web-based software, it's still needlessly complicated to route screen sharing through local desktops. And even though AI and NLP are slowly upgrading call recording, vendors are still having a hard time making sense of sales conversations at scale and tracking meaningful data.

We have developed a new approach to screen sharing. Traditional tools only record a video of the presenter's local desktop screen. We set up a 100% web-based virtual display instead, that anyone can access by just clicking a link. By utilizing a virtual display, our software can automatically load the right presentation content at the meeting start, provide real-time conversational guidance on the sales rep's side without the customer seeing it and have significantly more data to analyze than existing tools.

Help us redefine web conferencing and be ready to play an essential role in achieving this goal by joining our international team in San Francisco, Munich or fully remote.

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