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Full Stack Developer

Creable is searching for a Full Stack Developer that has 3+ years of working experience, developing production-ready software systems.
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Job description

Hi I'm Daniel, the Founder of creable

Nice to meet you!

I'm a 24 y/o second time Startup Founder looking to hire our second Full-Stack Developer.

creable is a Startup with a clear vision: Enabling the Creator Economy.

Our mission is to enable 10'000'000 Creators to monetize by 2030.

In this role you will:

  • Be involved in key decisions about software architecture, design and development.
  • Conceive, design, develop and test our product - iteratively.
  • Write clean, organized, tested and documented code.
  • Partner with the Product Owner and other team members to inform, influence, support, and execute development decisions.
  • Investigate new technologies.
  • Continually update your technical knowledge and skills by attending in-house and external courses, reading manuals and accessing new applications.

creable offers:

  • A passionate, positive, high-performance team.
  • Market rate compensation.
  • As an early team-member you can trade a portion of your salary for equity.
  • If you only want a high, fixed salary, we don't recommend joining an early-stage startup.
  • The possibility to be part of the core team of a startup, build a product from scratch and proactively form a culture you love!
  • Remote work – We hire diverse, globally distributed people.
  • Flexibility & Trust: Work from where and when you want, forever!


We work 100% remotely. You can work wherever you’re most productive and happy.

Our hiring process:

  1. Apply
  2. Culture fit interview
  3. Technical assessment
  4. Trial period (1 month of paid work)
  5. Offer

We're excited to get to know you!

Job requirements

You have:

  • 3+ years of working experience, developing production-ready software systems.
  • Strong skills in rapid development of software prototypes.
  • Experience with building, managing and deploying software in CI/CD fashion.
  • Experience integrating third-party API services
  • Actually read everything so far. I will later ask you for a code word in the survey. The code word is: “Creator”.

Our Technology Stack:


Javascript + Typescript


  • Next.js
  • React - for development
  • Preact - for production
  • Redux - for state management
  • Tailwind - for CSS utilities


  • Eslint - with Airbnb style guide
  • Prettier


  • Vercel - with their built-in CI/CD system
  • Gitlab - repo management

PM tool:

  • Todoist
  • GitLab


  • Jest - unit tests
  • Cypress - e2e tests

Version control:

  • Git

Database/API/Serverless functions:

  • Firebase
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