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Frontend Developer

BMAT wishes to hire a new Frontend Developer. If you have experience with Angular 2x, consider applying.
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About BMAT

BMAT started in 2005 when a group of engineers with a passion for music decided to spin-off from an audio research lab in Barcelona. The company started with an idea – to index all the music in the world – and a mission – to better the music eco-system – and a team of nerds eager to learn how to build a successful business. Today the company has grown to more than a hundred people - spread across Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Lima, São Paulo, London, Paris, Oslo, Tel-Aviv, Johannesburg, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul - that team up to deliver daily 1 million identifications and 3 billion matches to our partners from all over the music industry.

Our Culture

We love music. It makes our lives a zillion times better. And we want to give something back to her (yes, to us music is a lady). Make her life easier and her future brighter. We apply our scientific, data-infused brains to tell everyone what music has been played – so that creators get the recognition they deserve. We hear everything everywhere and tell everyone who wants to know. ‘What plays around will come back around’ we say. We believe by helping this happen we can make a positive change in the music ecosystem and enjoy talent for another million years.

We are a team of pretty decent people who enjoy working with each other. We’re open-minded and well-traveled, coming from all parts of the world. We like coffee, tea, chai, and mate all the same. We’ve got rappers, producers, cello players, DJs, and songwriters. The passion for music, the excitement for technology and Barcelona as a backdrop has proven to make a good combination. We say there is a BMAT touch. We believe it has to do with being passionate, obsessive, nice, generous, honest, self-motivated, entrepreneurial, intrepid, crazy, extraordinary, creative, agile, human, friendly, smart, witty, talented, naive, optimistic, surprising, sensual, and nerdy, but not very hipster (unfortunately).

What You Will Be Doing

  • Create web apps using the latest incarnations of HTML, CSS, Typescript and Javascript.
  • Help to maintain existing projects including updating existing content and adding new components. .
  • Working with UI/UX designers and translating the design documents into code.
  • Communication with other departments: explain technical ideas to non-technical people, translate customer needs into requirements.

All About You

  • Experience with Angular 2x
  • Experience with at least one of the modern frontend frameworks, such as Vue.js, React, Angular, Svelte, etc.
  • High-level skills in HTML, CSS, TypeScript and JavaScript
  • Experience with Javascript components libraries
  • Experience with RESTful and GraphQL APIs
  • Experience using Git
  • Understanding of web performance when building multi-tenant complex user interfaces
  • Proven experience in a similar position
  • Keen interest in new and emerging technologies
  • Planning and organizational skills.
  • Autonomy

  Some technical details for the curious

  • All our platforms run on GNU/Linux.
  • Most of our server-side code is written in Python.
  • Our frontend code is done in Typescript, SASS and Angular/React.
  • We use PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB as our databases.
  • Our source code is managed with Git.


  • Fluent Spanish
  • Intermediate English

You Can Enjoy

  • Flexibility on working hours and home office
  • Flat hierarchy
  • Free coffee, tea and fresh fruits
  • English, Spanish, French and Catalan classes
  • Wide range of online and onsite courses
  • Possibility to choose your hardware and tools
  • Free beers and snacks on Friday afternoon’s Jam sessions
  • Becoming part of a diverse and multicultural team based in Barcelona obsessed with bettering the music industry

Diverse perspectives bring about challenges and drive innovation, and innovation is kind of our thing. Our open-minded and flexible culture organically fosters this diversity. We've learnt that we thrive on learning from each other, so we don't just welcome but actively hire a range of open-minded people from all walks of life. Our team is made up of people with different backgrounds, perspectives, orientations, abilities, musical tastes, dress sense and time-zones - but we all have one common goal: Making the music world a better place. With equal opportunities for everyone, BMAT is a pretty nice place to work.

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