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Front End Developer

PostHog is looking for a front end developer that has experience in: #reactjs,#nodejs,#typescript.
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We're looking for a Front End Developer to join our Website & Docs team.

Our goal is to create a world-class developer experience, and you'll be crucial in making that happen.

At PostHog, we empower customers to create successful products. Until now, tools for building products have been very fragmented - product analytics, heatmaps, session recording and A/B testing all provide immense value, but existing tools weren’t natively built to work together. PostHog is different by offering these tools (and more) in a single platform that customers can host themselves.

We are fully remote and our team of 22 is currently distributed across 9 countries. We are extremely transparent, we write everything down and we are structured to optimize for autonomy and impact. Also - everybody codes!

The role

As our team's first Front End Developer, you'll:

  • Be responsible for the codebase that powers our website, docs and public handbook - they receive hundreds of thousands of pageviews each month!
  • Maintain, refactor and enforce best practices on our Gatsby-powered website
  • Review PRs by other team members who are modifying our Docs and Handbook
  • Build out updated marketing designs (Figma → Gatsby + Tailwind)
  • Implement tests to optimize for conversion - using PostHog!


What can set you apart

A critical eye for design

Knowing the fundamentals of typography and webfonts, whitespace, antialiasing, etc is valuable. You don’t have to be a designer, but you should care about the details that make it into our mocks.

Ability to infer how designs should change at different breakpoints

There will be cases where we don’t have explicit designs for every screen size. Being able to make an educated decision about how a design should reflow (or knowing the right time to ask for clarification) is incredibly useful in this role.

Working knowledge of Figma

You should understand how components and variants work, and be comfortable digging in to export elements. Additionally, the ability to make elements “production-ready” is critical. Our designers do their best to package design elements so they’re easy to export, but there may be cases where it will be useful to roll up your sleeves in Figma to create a few slices.

SVGs and SVG spriting

Optimizing our website is important. Experience in using build tools to package various assets to reduce our website’s overall footprint is handy. Preference for SVG sprites over icon fonts strongly preferred!

Animation experience

While not a requirement, experience (or interest) in animating for the web will extend our ability to create an incredibly polished site. For example on our homepage, we may want to add twinkling stars, animated icons when hovering them, a parallax effect with the sun or moon, or even the occasional shooting star.

Experience with:

  • State management solutions like TypeScript, Redux
  • NodeJS, GraphQL

This role requires more than HTML and CSS. Here’s our stack (and the skills needed to thrive in this role):

  • HTML/Sass (obviously) =]
  • Tailwind
  • Gatsby
  • React
  • Figma
  • Netlify


What we offer in return:

Please note that benefits vary slightly by country. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask our team.

Sold? Apply now and tell us:

  • How you can achieve the above in a few sentences
  • Why you're drawn to us
  • Your resumé and/or LinkedIn

Not sold? Learn more first

We believe people from diverse backgrounds, with different identities and experiences, make our product and our company better. No matter your background, we'd love to hear from you! Also, if you have a disability, please let us know if there's any way we can make the interview process better for you; we're happy to accommodate!

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