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Founding Fullstack Engineer

Sprinto intends to hire a new founding fullstack engineer. If you have professionally programmed for at least 7 years, preferably in a small team, consider applying.
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Sprinto is an early stage SaaS startup, working in the information security and compliance space. We are currently in private beta working with a select few customers to build a compelling product.Why work with us?

- You will be one of the founding engineers in a well funded startup. The current beta product is built by a team of 3 (founders included).

- Sprinto founding team has more than 10 years of engineering experience and will be building the product along with you. You will spend a lot more time doing actual engineering and less time explaining why a feature takes the time it does. We believe good engineering breeds good results - rapid development, low tech debt, easy maintainability etc. 

- Prior to Sprinto, we built Recruiterbox.com.  We bootstrapped Recruiterbox from 2011 to 2017, and scaled it to 2500+ global customers and a team of ~45 people spread across India and US. We have experience of building teams, engineering systems that scale and most importantly a successful business.  At the end of 2017, Recruiterbox was acquired by a private equity firm.

- We wrote most of the early code at Recruiterbox, and remained among the top 5 committers even when the company ran at scale. We program because we love to, and understand the importance of good programming practices. At Recruiterbox, we adopted practices like writing unit tests, integration tests, CI, CD very early in our journey. Check out https://medium.com/@notraghu for an  idea on some of our thoughts on engineering practices.

- Information security is a rapidly growing space and we believe it is at the cusp of a massive disruption. Apart from great engineering culture, you will have a genuine shot at building something that is a first of its kind product.

What are we looking for:

- You are looking for full time work.

- You can plan, estimate and prioritise work in a remote, distributed team environment

- You are a hands-on, independent programmer, and have professionally programmed for at least 7 years, preferably in a small team.

- You do not pigeon-hole yourself into frontend, backend, infrastructure etc. Good engineering requires working across these boundaries

- Your current peers look up to you for technical guidance or in making architectural choices. In your current team, you are the goto person when your systems are on fire.

- It helps if you've lived with the consequences of bad programming choices. You have an eye for spotting premature over-engineering that needlessly delay projects, but also notice when something that sounds fast/easy/tempting today will cost us severely in a few months

- You understand that, ultimately, Code is in the service of the business/customer problem it solves, and thrive in making tradeoffs that solve such problems efficiently

- Our tech stack is: nodejs, nextjs, react, apollo-graphql, postgres, AWS. While we do not expect you to have experience in all elements of our stack, it is a bonus if you do — you can start contributing sooner.

- Prior experience in functional programming helps. Our codebase is very functional: mostly pure functions, no for-loops, minimal if-else conditions.

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