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DevOps Engineer

Mavenoid is searching for a devops engineer that has experience with a small and nimble tech organisation.
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Job description

Here at Mavenoid, we’re building a platform for technical support of physical products. Many of the world’s most iconic brands use Mavenoid to help their customers install, use, and troubleshoot everything from consumer electronics and home appliances to industrial robots and drones. With $16 million in funding from leading venture capital firms, we’re redefining tech support. Founded in 2017 by a team from Palantir and Google, today we have offices in Stockholm and New York but are a virtual first company with Mavens located all over Europe and the US.

Our codebase is in TypeScript (frontend on React, backend on Node.js), except for our machine learning pipelines which use Python. Our services run on Heroku and on Google Cloud, using a mix of Docker containers and Cloud Run services, backed by managed PostgreSQL instances and BigQuery for data storage. We use GitHub for source control and GitHub Actions for continuous integration and release automation (currently we release once a day). We use PagerDuty for alerting, and oncall responsibilities are shared between the members of the development team.

As our first dedicated DevOps engineer, your focus will be on ensuring that our systems continue to run smoothly and reliably as the business grows and usage increases, and that our developers have the right tooling to be productive.


  1. Define and implement a DevOps strategy that will allow us to manage the growth of traffic and system complexity in the near-term and medium-term future. That includes decisions on technologies, platforms, cloud vendors, codebase structure, service architecture, etc. You will get to set your own rules and decide exactly how much red tape you want.
  2. Keep our systems up and running. Ensure that there is adequate monitoring and alerting, and that our cloud setup follows best practices.
  3. Ensure that our services are resistant to infrastructure outages, traffic spikes and malicious activity.
  4. Maintain our continuous integration pipeline, keeping the release process fast and robust.
  5. Maintain infrastructure and tooling for our developer team to keep them happy and productive. This encompasses test tools, test environment setup scripts, change validation, release tooling, etc.

Job requirements


  1. Experience with a small & nimble tech organisation. Ideally, you have been one of the founding members or an early joiner of a DevOps team for a new product, and have seen the technical and organisational setup evolve over time, with battle scars and all.
  2. Deep experience of operating production services on a major cloud platform. We are using Google Cloud. If that’s not where the bulk of your experience is, no big deal, but we expect that you will adapt quickly.
  3. Strong written communication skills. We are a remote-first company and rely heavily on asynchronous communication and careful documentation.
  4. Some experience with software development. You need to be able to read and understand backend code, and partake in discussions about technical architecture decisions.
  5. MLOps experience is a plus. Operation of ML services is managed separately by our team of ML engineers, but it will be helpful to be familiar with the peculiarities of complex data processing pipelines.
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