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Content Marketing Lead

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Job description

Here at Mavenoid, we’re building a virtual product assistant that helps customers install, use, and troubleshoot their products. With some of the world’s most iconic brands as clients and $10 million in funding, we're reinventing technical support. Our goal is to help customers repair more and replace less, get more out of their products, and never wait on hold again. Founded in 2017by a team from Palantir and Google, Mavenoid has quickly established itself as the leader in tech support automation.

As Content Marketing Lead,you will be fully responsible for the messaging and media that we deploy to communicate with the market. The ultimate purpose of this role is two-fold:(1) to create strongpreference for our product and (2) to shorten our sales cycle.You will set out tocreate a unique brand and positioning, build awareness of our product, and generate organic,inbound leads.


  1. Content marketing. Define and execute on our content marketing strategy,playbook, and schedule.Create a body ofcontent (impact stories, an e-book, videos, infographics, blog posts etc)that you'll be proud of in 30 years. Establish customer support for physical products as a new category.
  2. Website. Own our website and continuously enrich it.
  3. PR. Get press coverage by crafting authentic, compelling stories.
  4. Sales collateral. Create effective decks, videos, and other sales material in line with our approach to teach the customer,provide uniqueinsights, and keep it real.
  5. Recruit.Hire amazing wordsmiths and creativesto your team.

Job requirements

  1. You have a successful track record in B2B marketing
  2. You have produced great content as an individual contributorin the past
  3. You're a great writer
  4. You have an eye for design
  5. You're a strong presenter
  6. You're a great teacher/educator
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