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Community Lead

To apply as a community lead at 3Box Labs, you preferably need to have some experience in: #content, #socialmedia, #qa.
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Do you want to build the foundations of a better web alongside a passionate, high-impact team? Do you want to help tackle some of the most novel challenges in decentralized tech, working with partners like Protocol Labs and a rapidly growing open source community?

3Box Labs is advancing a more open web by liberating information from silos and rebuilding trusted relationships between users, apps, and data. We created the leading identity and data solution for Web3, and alongside our open source developer community we're approaching the launch of Ceramic Network. We have huge and novel challenges ahead. We need impact-driven, intentional, fast-learning teammates to join us in realizing the vision of a more trusting and connected web.

The role

Create an incredibly engaged, welcoming, synergistic community around our technology and values that can help catalyze a global movement for a better web.  

What success looks like

  • There is a constant energy in the community, with sharing, collaboration, cross-community support and discussion happening all the time
  • New developers are amazed at their enthusiastic welcoming and rapid onboarding, with clear pathways to learn and get oriented to the ecosystem
  • As our community scales, its tools and structures evolve appropriately. You deftly ensure changes are thoughtful, proactive and smoothly executed.
  • It's clear to community members where and who to go to as various needs arise. with different platforms (Discord, Twitter, etc.) clearly differentiated and full of helpful activity and content
  • Our frequent events, spotlights, showcases, hackathons and other opportunities to gather the community are well-attended and energizing, and serve as a catalyst and attractor for more activity
  • Our community values are clear and lived, and when polled our community members feel aligned to them
  • Developers remain engaged once they join the community, with various touchpoints and programs to engage different personas
  • Our community has close relationships with other communities as you work to build bridges across the ecosystem with an eye towards strong alliances towards a shared vision
  • You know the community personally and deeply, and when our community is working a new idea or feature you know exactly who in the community will care and should give feedback

You'd likely be a great candidate if you have

  • Experience building, growing and leading communities
  • Deep caring about community and how to foster it. You think about it, study it, and consider it an art and science.
  • Belief in the power of community to create more than the sum of its parts
  • A desire to empower others, especially other builders, and you resonate with our beliefs about impact through a movement
  • Empathy for people, and an instinct for engaging all types of people and making them feel welcomed
  • Involvement in Web3, open source, or other relevant ecosystems
  • Intrinsic motivation and the ability to keep striving for impact each day
  • Bonus points: previous operations or product experience; no-code, design or speaking skills;

The Team

We are a lean, voraciously curious team spread across Europe and the East Coast. We are impact driven, intentional about our role, communications and actions, and intensely focused on building quality tools for our open source community. We believe a better model for managing identity and data online can give power back to users and builders, that this model is key to a growing movement, and that our team is a critical part of making that movement successful.

We pay competitively and fairly across the globe, offer great and flexible benefits, and view everyone on our team as an owner -- both with generous equity grants and lots of agency to help set our direction.

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We cannot succeed in our mission without it. People that identify with groups traditionally underrepresented in tech are particularly encouraged to apply. 

Learn more about 3Box Labs here.

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