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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

BlueLabs intends to hire a new Cloud Infrastructure Engineer. If you have 2+ years of experience with some of the major clouds like AWS, GCP or Azure, consider applying.
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Job description

At BlueLabs we started out last year with the vision of building a next generation sports betting platform focused on performance, reliability, modularity and automation. After a period of experimentation, we are now excited to see our technology powering the launch of a new B2C operator in Ghana in early 2021.

To ensure the continuous enhancement of our platform while scaling up operations and entering additional African countries we are now looking to enlarge our team. As a result, our Infrastructure Team is now on the lookout for an Infrastructure Engineer who wants to join our distributed team and help us execute our vision.

The Team

Our mission is to provide secure and reliable infrastructure, enabling other engineering teams to successfully deploy and manage their mission-critical workloads, while ensuring the maximum availability of our products. We are passionate about resiliency, automation and to keep things up and running at scale.

Currently, we are busybuilding the infrastructure foundations that will soon host our production environment. We expect you to be part of this milestone, suggesting, implementing and owning solutions that will make our infrastructure more efficient andreliable.

On a regular day, you might find yourself working on:

  • Deploying services or designing processes to support the needs of other engineering teams.
  • Defining what our infrastructure might look like in the near future.
  • Preparing a backup and disaster recovery strategy to keep our data safe and minimise the RTO.
  • Writing code to automate processes and deploy new cloud services/resources.
  • Maintaining the core infrastructure of the company.
  • Working with other engineering teams to troubleshoot and resolve operational issues.
  • Improving services operational efficiency and performance.
  • Ensuring that all the compliance requirements are met.
  • Preparing PoC of new technologies or services.

We value teamwork, trust, boldness, communication and a healthyworking relationship in which finger-pointing has no place. You can alwayscount on the team for support.

About you

  • You have good problem-solving skills, a tendency towards simple and effective solutions and a “getting things done” mentality.
  • Analytical thinking, troubleshooting skills, attention to detail.
  • You are a reliable, trustworthy person that keeps their promises.
  • Interest in keeping yourself up to date and learning new technologies.
  • Product-oriented mindset and eagerness to take part in shaping the products we build.
  • Experience working in an agile environment.
  • Ability to work autonomously in a fully distributed team.
  • Good communication skills in verbal and written English.

Remote Work

We are hiring for talent, not for a specific location. You will find that members of our team are distributed all over Europe. Being a distributed team enables us to hire only the best, without being restricted to the talent pool available at a specific geographic location. However, to facilitate team communication and collaboration we currently require you to be located in Europe. You must also be able to travel to other European locations a few times a year for on-site meetings and workshops.


The budgeted compensation range for this role is €58,000 to €76,000 annually, depending on your background and experience. As an independent contractor, you will be responsible for paying any taxes or applicable fees in your country of residence. In addition to that, we offer a number of perks to each of our team members as we truly believe in a healthy work-life balance and continuous learning.

Job requirements

  • 2+ years of experience with some of the major clouds like AWS, GCP or Azure.
  • 2+ years of experience with Kubernetes and containers in general.
  • Understanding of IP networking, HTTP/S, VPN, load balancers, firewalls and DNS.
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code tools (Terraform, Pulumi,CloudFormation...).
  • Familiarity with log management systems (Fluentd, Splunk, ELK...).
  • Experience with monitoring and alerting tools (Prometheus, Grafana, PagerDuty...).

Bonus Points

  • Python or Go coding skills.
  • Experience with CDN’s.
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