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Backend Engineer

Brave intends to hire a new backend engineer. If you have experience with writing/deploying production Go and JavaScript backends, consider applying.
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Brave has a number of backend services devoted to making the Brave browser experience the best on the web.  Brave Sync helps users manage bookmarks, passwords and much more across all of their devices.  Brave Ads is Brave’s global private ad network, redesigned from the ground up to reward users while enforcing the highest standards of user privacy.  Both end users and partners depend on our backend code to work reliably day in and day out, and scale up to meet ever increasing demand. We are looking for a great backend engineer who can help us scale, maintain and drive efficiency in our backend infrastructure.


  • Experience with writing/deploying production Go and JavaScript backends
  • Experience with SQL
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience with docker
  • An eye toward monitoring and reliability
  • Strives to deliver documented, maintainable, and testable code
  • Comfortable working in an open source setting
  • A passion for helping protect users’ privacy and security
  • Written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Proven record of getting things done

Bonus Points

  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with ad-tech / marketing tech ecosystem
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