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Anti-Fraud Engineer

Brave intends to hire a new Anti-Fraud Engineer. If you have experience with Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C++, Go, Java or other similar language, consider applying.
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Brave is looking for an engineer who can help us stay one step ahead of fraud in our Brave Ads ecosystem.  This position is vital to help us make sure that rewards go to Brave users, not to bad actors.  We are looking to refine, automate, and expand the BAT ecosystem’s anti-fraud processes, and build more of the necessary tooling over time.  We are looking for somebody who always prefers a simple solution over a complex one and who can take whole solutions from end to end.


  • Experience with Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C++, Go, Java or other similar language
  • Experience with SQL, Postgres/Redshift, and building analytics queries
  • Experience building robust API endpoints
  • Experience stopping bad actors in a system, e.g. ad fraud, e-commerce fraud
  • A working understanding of fraud vectors, both small scale (client side hacks) and large scale (botnets)
  • Experience with software development via distributed development teams
  • Comfort working in an open source setting
  • A passion for helping protect users’ privacy and security
  • Written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Proven record of getting things done

Bonus Points

  • Have built/trained statistical / machine learning models at scale to solve real world problems
  • Experience with ad-tech / marketing tech ecosystem
  • Familiarity with the world of cryptocurrency, especially Ethereum
  • Familiarity with challenges in privacy preserving ecosystems
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