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Academic Coordinator

Interested in new opportunities and have experience with creating and implementing processes? Dataquest has a job opening for an Academic Coordinator.
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Dataquest is an interactive online learning platform for data science. We’re passionate about helping students go from zero to job ready. We help students deeply learn concepts, build projects, work together, and gain the confidence they need to start new careers.  Read more about our philosophy here, and read what students think here.

We want to help tens of millions of students worldwide change their lives through data science education, and you’ll play a key role in helping us get there.  We’re looking for collaborative and passionate team members, to help us continue to build out our 30+ person remote, global team.

This is a fully remote company and we are open to applications worldwide.  You don't have to match all of the listed requirements to apply, we're truly looking for people who can grow along with our diverse and global team.

Job purpose and overview

This is a 8-month, part-time contract with the potential to become longer term.

Due to the challenges brought by COVID-19, many institutions are required to educate their students virtually. The Academic program allows professors to gain free access to industry-leading data courses on Dataquest.

The Academic Coordinator focuses on creating a successful Academic program by connecting with 2000 US-based professors and onboarding 100,000 students into our Academic program.

They identify prospective professors who may want to offer Dataquest to their classroom, and onboard the professors and their students onto Dataquest.

The Academic Coordinator creates and manages Academic Program campaigns and the onboarding sequence for professors and students, and create strategies to upsell students when their accounts expire.

The Academic Coordinator monitors the success of the Academic program, and creates strategies for improvement.

Reporting lines

Reports to: Senior Client Services Manager

Time distribution

Minimum availability: 20 hours a week

70% - Researching and contacting professors

30% - Completion of other role related tasks and responsibilities


  • Adheres to tone and experience guidelines
  • Create and implement a process for creating a successful Academic Program
  • Identify prospective professors across the US who may want to offer Dataquest to their classroom
  • Manage online signup and fulfillment process for professors to create accounts and signup their students
  • Create and manage an onboarding sequence for both professors and students
  • Create and manage strategies to upsell students when their access expires
  • Create and manage outbound campaigns to advertise the Academic Program
  • Monitor the success of the program
  • Create and manage strategies to improve the program
  • Update relevant teams of noticeable trends based on program performance
  • Maintain a playbook for program strategy, processes, and tasks


  • Attends weekly 1:1s
  • Respond to incoming tickets about the Academic Program
  • Manage onboarding sequence for both professors and students
  • Research and contact US-based professors who would benefit from offering Dataquest to their classrooms
  • Create reports to monitor Academic Program performance
  • Send outbound campaigns to advertise Academic Program
  • Upsell students when their access expires
  • Maintain internal and external Program related documentation

Performance indicators

  • Adheres to tone and experience guidelines
  • Connect with and onboard 2000 US-based professors into the Academic program
  • Connect with an onboard 100,000 students into the Academic program
  • 2% of students in Academic program subscribe after their access period expires
  • 100 professors give positive reviews on designated sites about Dataquest


  • Some experience in Customer Service
  • Some experience in Sales
  • Comfortability learning and implementing new online tools
  • Experience with creating and implementing processes
  • Experience with messaging systems
  • Experience creating outbound campaigns
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication and explanatory skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentations skills
  • Willingness to increase knowledge about the Dataquest curriculum
  • Aligns with Dataquest mission and values

Salary Range

The salary range for this position is between $1000 and $2000 a month. The final number will depend on geographical location and experience.

Our Compensation Philosophy:

We benchmark everyone against a high-paying anchor market and add a cost of living multiplier. This approach allows us to hire the best candidates and retain the best talent for each role regardless of location, as well as bringing more diversity to our team. 

Some perks of working at Dataquest:

- Competitive compensation and benefits

- Flexible vacation and sick leave

- An annual professional development allowance

- Free Dataquest account for life

- The chance to see your impact on the lives of our students every day

- The opportunity to be part of an engaged and mission-driven team

- The chance to contribute to team direction

- 100% remote with flexible working hours

- A supportive environment where help is always accessible

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